Friday, 25 March 2011

England miss opportunity to call up East Indies skipper

Can’t believe it – my big moment gone, I’m in Colombo, with my kit, and England suddenly need a spinner and they call for some guy who has to fly in from the West Indies. Madness - or perhaps a simple typo - they surely meant the guy from the East Indies.

England bowlers all looked very athletic as they got out of their taxi in the hotel lobby. They are all staying at the Cinnamon, where I watched the game last night. We were next to Vaughan and Colly at the pool bar watching the final overs. Seems they were disappointed to see India win.

Meanwhile Bell and Trott were in the pub having a beer. I wonder if Bell had to show ID, or perhaps trot bought it for him. Of course had they picked me I’d have been on carrot juice

Just got upgraded to a box tomorrow. The aircon will be welcome…

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